Selected players must pay fees in full prior to the first tournament, or a payment of 50% with an agreed payment plan prior to the first tournament
$300  |  U19-1, U17-1, U17-2, U15-1, U15-2, and Yr9-1
$150  |  Yr9-2, Yr8-1, Yr8-2

2017 Representative Players Fees

Selected players must sign all representative criteria forms agreeing to abide by the rules and values of AN, and pay fees as outlined above. Refusal to sign the form and/or failure to comply with the rules or values will give AN grounds to withdraw a player’s selection and not consider that player for further selection.

Selected players must ensure that they are available for all events outlined. If any player wishes to be excused for any event on the Representative calendar, she must apply to the NDM for exemption.


Year 7 Development Squad
4.30pm-6.00pm Court A & B (Indoor Courts 1-4)

Year 8-1 Team
5.30pm-7.00pm Court 6

Year 8-2 Team
5.00pm-6.30pm Court 5

Year 9-1 Team
5.00pm-6.30pm Court 4

Year 9-2 Team
5.00pm-6.30pm Court 17

Under 15-1 Team
5.30pm-7.00pm Court 16

Under 15-2 Team
6.00pm-7.30pm Court 15

Under 17-1 Team
4.00pm-5.30pm Court C (Indoor Court 5)

Under 17-2 Team
6.30pm-8.00pm Court 7

Under 19-1 Team
7.00pm-8.30pm Court C (Indoor Court 5)