Sadly, Auckland Netball Centre Board recently farewelled Board Chair, Mary Gardiner. As per the constitution, a Board Member can only be part of the Board for a maximum of 3 terms of 3 years which Mary has now completed.

Mary first came to Auckland Netball wearing multiple hats of a Mum, coach and umpire of her daughters’ team.

She joined the Auckland Netball Board in December 2009 as an appointed board member bringing a strong financial acumen and was instrumental in Auckland Netball refreshing their financial reporting systems and ensuring Risk Management and Health and Safety was always at the forefront of the organisation and activities carried out.

In 2013 Mary took over as Board Chair. This is where she really made quiet impacts. Her work involved several additional meetings with the CEO, stakeholders and others each week throughout the years. Her strong leadership skills made for a very harmonious but robust board. She was able to forge respected relationships throughout the netball fraternity and wider assisting to solve any issues pragmatically and efficiently always with a positive resolution.

She was always willing to assist other Chairs and Presidents with advice with required and was a good advocate for Auckland Netball at NNZ and other sporting code events.  She was awarded a Service Award from Auckland Netball in March 2019

Mary was co-opted onto the Netball regional facilities group and played a key part in getting the Windmill Road upgrade completed and is now representing netball on the Indoor Sport Facilities group.

All is not lost though as Mary has recently joined the Netball Northern Zone Board where she will still be able to continue to add value in the wider netball fraternity.

As we farewell Mary, we would like to welcome our new Board Chair, Eric Hennephof, Eric is no stranger to Auckland Netball and has currently been a Board Member for just over 6 years.

Eric was the initial Project Manager for Auckland Council when Auckland Netball moved to St Johns in 2005, has a diverse range of historical knowledge and expertise, is renowned for his strategic thinking and leadership and has followed netball passionately at all levels of the game.

Mary Gardiner                             Eric Hennehopf