Running your team trials

Running trials can be a complex process especially if you have not done it before. Whether it’s for school or club, junior or senior there are certain processes that can make it much more streamlined.

We have compiled a helpful outline and some key resources to help you run your team trials. It includes trial sheets, examples of selection policies and details of Auckland Netball approved Community Selectors.

Selection Policies

It is essential to have a clear selection process and policy in place for your school or club.
A well-defined selection process ensures:

  • the process is clear and transparent
  • the process can be easily communicated
  • players understand what they must do to be selected
  • provision of an objective document for player selection

Here are examples of selection policies:


Useful Trial Templates

Please find the templates below for your use:

We highly recommend attending the NNZ Community Coaching Module ‘Selecting’ for personnel involved in trials and selecting.

For more detailed information and tips, see Netball New Zealand’s 2010 resource: A Guide to running selection workshops for Centres and Regions

We hope your trials go well and wish you all the best for the season ahead!


School and club trials typically involve a minimum of two selectors per age-group, across two-three different trial days per age-group. Most schools and clubs utilise the services of volunteer selectors, however there is a list of independent selectors below if required.

Auckland Netball Community Selectors

Auckland Netball is fortunate to have a group of community netball selectors who can provide an experienced and neutral perspective for your club or school netball trials. These individuals are reliable, knowledgeable and actively involved across different playing levels.

Due to these selectors operating as independent personnel, schools and clubs are responsible for contacting, confirming availability and coordinating payment with selectors directly. Our recommended rate is $50 per two-hour trial including observing game play and providing the school/club with a ranked spreadsheet for the school/club to then create teams from. *Please note, selector’s availability is a guideline only and is subject to change.
April Ieremia
(All levels)
Availability: Mon, Wed and Thu afterschool, some or 021300020
Debbie Edwards
(All levels)
Availability: Weekdays during school or 021 838604
Emma Haigh
(All levels)
Availability: or 0210398546
La-Chey Meredith
Availability: Weekday evenings, Thu and Fri afterschool or 021 189960
Leanne Barrett
(All levels)
Availability: or 021 1611070
Louise Hartstone
(All levels)
Availabilty: or 021 575054
Nigel Wareham
Availability: Mon and Wed or 021 564733
Nicky Tato
Availability: Weekday evenings/Saturday or 021 2961 658