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  • Year 7 & 8 Player Development Programme

    In 2020, Auckland Netball will offer Year 7 and Year 8 Development Squads as part of the Netball NZ’s national initiative, the Year 7&8 Player Development Programme (PDP). The PDP is an accelerated learning programme providing players the chance to develop and extend their technical, tactical and development skills as well as inspiring a lifelong love of the game. The programme has been developed as an alternative to Representative Teams, encouraging a broader talent pool and will include tournament play as part of the programme.

    Important Information


    • Physical skill and tactical development through diverse sporting approaches 
    • Athlete development 
    • Integrated Neuromuscular development/improving muscle control of a growing body and improving and progressing Netball movement skill 
    • Stage specific strength activities 


    Players must be in School Year 7 or Year 8, must play in a school or club team at Auckland Netball (includes Auckland Netball, Windmill Park and Three Kings netball competitions), and must not be playing in a Representative Team at any Netball Centre. 

    Cost: $160



    • Provide development opportunities for Year 7 & 8 players
    • Include tactical and technical development for all positions
    • Widen and improve the talent base at this level
    • Implement a National approach for the development of talented young players
    • Refocus on fundamental movement skills as athletes move through puberty


    • Sunday 9th August 9am-11am
    • Sunday 16th August 9am-11am
    • Sunday 23rd August 9am-11am
    • Sunday 30th August 9am-11am

    Location: Auckland Netball, 7 Allison Ferguson Drive, St Johns

    Registration timeline:

    Contact: Josina Vader, development@auckandnetball.co.nz



    Players registering will be asked to identify which of the following apply to them, minimum of 5:

    • A good work ethic
    • Executes netball skills at a high/above average level 
    • A high level of responsibility and self-reliance
    • Works well in a team environment and supports others
    • Shows a high level of overall athletic ability 
    • Enjoys playing the game of netball 
    • Is an enthusiastic learner 
    • Has a high level of commitment and dedication