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Netball Umpiring is a fantastic sport for people of all ages and levels of experience. Get fit, have fun, and build confidence and communication skills that extend far beyond the netball court. Umpiring is a great way to be involved in the game, whether its for a love of netball or to support your friends and children. We are always looking to grow our umpire community and welcome newcomers with open arms!


If you are new to umpiring at Auckland Netball and want to get in touch with someone about being allocated for games or progressing your qualification, please complete this form to introduce yourself and we will connect you with the right person for your experience and qualification. Not qualified yet? No problem – still complete the form to introduce yourself plus check out our upcoming classes and workshops HERE.

We are always looking for enthusiastic and capable umpires for the following winter competitions: 

St Johns
Tuesday (Year 7 & 8 grades) 4:00pm onwards 
Thursday (Year 5 & 6 grades) 4:00pm onwards 
Saturday (Club) 1:00pm onwards 

Windmill Park
Wednesday (Year 5 – 8 grades) 4:00pm onwards 
Saturday (Three Kings Competition) 9:00am to approximately 1:00pm. 


2019 Umpire Contacts

We love our crew! Here are some key contacts:


Regarding NZ Panel coaching or badge assessmentsMatt
Regarding Zone/Centre Panel coaching or badge assessmentsNatua

Regarding allocations of Club Premier 1 & 2 and Senior A grade, Club Senior B grade section 1, and SS Premier 1 & 2 grades Zak Middleton
(Prem & Reps)
Glendon Carter
(SS Prem)
Jeorge Ureta (Club)
Enquires about Barfoot & Thompson Junior Umpire
Enquires about NZ Development Umpire SquadTania
Enquires about support to schools/clubsJacqui

Enquires about classes and workshopsLeigh
To request an all-season umpire for Year 5&6 or 7&8 grades (no guarantees)Anne
To request a one-off umpire for year 5&6 or 7&8 (no guarantees)Natua or 0223095974

2019 Umpire Committee

We share the umpire leadership duties here at Auckland Netball. Our Umpire Committee is made up of 6-8 key personnel, supported by our Netball Operations Manager and Netball Development Manager. 

Matt Davis – NZ Panel Lead 
Natua Ureta – Zone/Centre Panel Lead
Zak Middleton – Premier Club and Representative Allocator
Glendon Carter – Secondary School Premier Allocator
Roxanne Adams – Club Allocator
Avary Patutama – Become an Umpire Programme Lead
Marvel Fafita – Committee Support 
Olive Fergusson – Youth Representative 

Jacqui Foote – Netball Operations Manager 
Leigh Ashton – Netball Development Manager 

If you are interested in getting involved in the Umpire Committee, contact Jacqui Foote at

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get involved in umpiring at Auckland Netball?
Who umpires across the different levels of competition at Auckland Netball? 
How do I get involved in umpiring tournaments? 
Who supports umpires on competition days at Auckland Netball?
What classes or groups can I join to develop and extend my umpiring? 
Who can I contact? 

All the answers are HERE in our General Umpire Information Sheet 2019. 


Becoming an affiliated umpire is the official umpire membership at Auckland Netball, and applies to umpires ages 15 years and older who have their Centre Theory qualification or higher. 

Join the team of affiliated umpires at Auckland Netball to get connected with one of our Umpire Panels – Centre Panel, Zone Panel, or NZ Panel depending on your level of experience and qualification. Once affiliated, umpires are connected with our umpire community, get support in finding an umpire coach, and are offered guidance for achieving their next level of qualification. Affiliated umpires also gain priority in allocations appropriate to their level of qualification, plus access umpire group communications about competitions and tournaments, Zone and NNZ pathways, and further development opportunities. 

Umpires contribute greatly towards the successful competitions at Auckland Netball and we are lucky to have a number of long-standing and experienced umpires as part of our netball community. We thank these umpires for their actions out on court, and in supporting the developing umpires coming up from the levels below. 

Become an Affiliated Umpire today!