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Netball Umpiring is a fantastic sport for people of all ages and levels of experience. Get fit, have fun, and build confidence and communication skills that extend far beyond the netball court. Umpiring is a great way to be involved in the game, whether its for a love of netball or to support your friends and children. We are always looking to grow our umpire community and welcome newcomers with open arms!


If you are new to umpiring at Auckland Netball and want to get in touch with someone about being allocated for games or progressing your qualification, please complete this form to introduce yourself and we will connect you with the right person for your experience and qualification. Not qualified yet? No problem – still complete the form to introduce yourself plus check out our upcoming classes and workshops HERE.

Umpiring is an awesome way to improve your game by getting a better understanding of Netball rules or be able to train up to umpire and earn a bit of pocket money on game nights. We now have our new and improved Become an Umpire programme to make it so much easier for you to be involved! This is a fun and dynamic umpiring course split into two sessions, an online theory session and hands-on practical, over the course of one day.  It’s a great introduction to umpiring in a non-threatening environment with your peers!

The Theory Session

The theory session will be an interactive workshop via Zoom from the comfort of your own home with one of our experienced Umpire Coaches. You will also have the chance to sit the Netball New Zealand Centre Theory Umpire test to gain this qualification. 

The Practical Session

The practical session will take place at either Auckland Netball Centre, St Johns or Windmill Park, Mt Eden. This is a chance to put into practice the skills and theories learnt the day before under the coaching and guidance of our Auckland Netball Umpire Coaches.

If you need any further information please contact Josina Vader at


Becoming an affiliated umpire is the official umpire membership at Auckland Netball, and applies to umpires ages 15 years and older who have their Centre Theory qualification or higher. 

Join the team of affiliated umpires at Auckland Netball to get connected with one of our Umpire Panels – Centre Panel, Zone Panel, or NZ Panel depending on your level of experience and qualification. Once affiliated, umpires are connected with our umpire community, get support in finding an umpire coach, and are offered guidance for achieving their next level of qualification. Affiliated umpires also gain priority in allocations appropriate to their level of qualification, plus access umpire group communications about competitions and tournaments, Zone and NNZ pathways, and further development opportunities. 

Umpires contribute greatly towards the successful competitions at Auckland Netball and we are lucky to have a number of long-standing and experienced umpires as part of our netball community. We thank these umpires for their actions out on court, and in supporting the developing umpires coming up from the levels below. 

Become an Affiliated Umpire today!