• COVID-19 Announcement: As we are in Alert Level 3 Auckland Netball is closed until Saturday 15 August. Further updates to be advised.

  • 11 June 2020

    Dear Auckland Netball members

    It is such great news that the Prime Minister has announced that New Zealand is now at Covid-19 Level 1. This has meant normality in our lives after such a surreal time over the past few months.

    Now that community sport has been given the go ahead, I am so thrilled that netball will start at Auckland Netball Centre in the foreseeable time. Players, supporters and umpires will be in preparation mode and looking forward to their first games.

    The last few months have been a difficult time for all administrators of sport, and I thank our team for all the work they have put into the restructuring of competitions to enable play to continue for 2020. There has been a huge amount of uncertainty if or when we would start our competitions earlier on this year so when the opportunity to host the ANZ Premiership at our premise was offered we were pleased to assist. I understand this has now caused some inconvenience to a few teams.

    As a goodwill gesture to our players for the interruption to their season, the financial uncertainty for some families Netball NZ, for 2020 Netball NZ has waived their levy, the Zone has reduced their affiliation fees by 50% and the AN Board have agreed to a further 5% reduction off team fees. The expectation is that Clubs and Schools pass these reductions onto their players.

    I wish you well for the 2020 season which is about to start. There will be keen competition in all the grades, and I would hope that after a long break your players have kept up their fitness regime to eliminate any early injuries. We will also welcome back the ANZ Premiership where we will see our elite players in action.

    Best wishes to all. Let’s keep up our contact tracing and best hygiene practices so that we can continue at Level 1. We really didn’t like lockdown without any sport in our lives.

    Kind regards


    Bev Douglas
    President | Auckland Netball Centre

    2020 Fees Schedule

    2020 Fees
    New 2020
    Club Premier$1175.00$942.00
    U17 U15 Club$889.00$729.00
    Secondary School$650.00$502.00
    Secondary School Prem 1 and 2$805.00$644.00
    St Johns Year 1 - 8 $510.00$433.00
    Windmill Park Year 5,6,7,8$465.00$388.00
    Windmill Park Thursday Year 1 - 4$405.00$359.00