Year 7 Development Squad – 2018

Nomination Process:
Players will need to submit a nomination form online, endorsed by a recent coach or sport coordinator.
Nominations open 9th April and close at 5pm on Monday 30th April.
Successful applicants will be announced on Friday 4th May.

Limited Numbers:
The number of participants is capped at approximately 45 players and criteria applies.

Nominees must demonstrate at least five of the eight characteristics described below:
1. A good work ethic
2. A high level of responsibility and self-reliance
3. Works well in a team environment and supports others
4. Executes netball skills at a high/above average level
5. Shows a high level of overall athletic ability
6. Enjoys playing the game of netball
7. Is an enthusiastic learner
8. Has a high level of commitment and dedication

For more information:
Debbie Christian, Player Welfare Liaison,

The link to online portal to register for trials has been sent to school/club contact personnel. All players interested in the Auckland Netball Year 7 Development Squad are to contact their school/club in the first instance.