Experienced netball administrator appointed to Northern Stars

Auckland Netball Centre’s CEO Dianne Lasenby has been appointed General Manager to the Northern Stars in what’s been styled an innovative and collaborative arrangement between Netball NZ, the Northern Stars Netball franchise and Auckland Netball.

For the first time, a shared management agreement with Auckland Netball will see Dianne contracted to the Northern Stars for agreed hours per week from mid-January through to 30 November 2018.

Northern Stars Chair, Bill Francis says, “the Stars are delighted to welcome Dianne on board, as we seek to broaden the range of commercial partners for the franchise and deepen engagement with fans and supporters”.

Auckland Netball is happy to support this agreement. Board Chair, Mary Gardiner explains, “having Dianne work across Auckland Netball, the Stars and having a stronger connection with Netball NZ, allows the sharing of skills and knowledge at a time when new insights are important for the game. We are constantly looking to be more effective and engage better with members, fans and our communities and this arrangement provides such an opportunity”.

In order to undertake both roles, Dianne will receive increased support from members of the Auckland Netball staff.

Netball NZ CEO Jennie Wyllie is also supportive of the arrangement, stating “Dianne is a vastly experienced Netball administrator and will be a huge asset to the Northern Stars; it’s great to see such an innovative arrangement in the Northern Zone.”

Dianne is a skilled and capable netball manager having been CEO of Auckland Netball since 2008. A former manager of the Auckland Diamonds and Netball Waitakere’s NPC team, she brings a wealth of business expertise to the role.

With a sound understanding of sponsorship and marketing, Dianne has succeeded in continuing to grow and diversify revenue streams for Auckland Netball.

Recognized as a leader with an ability to build strong relationships her skills have been sought on a number of netball projects and working groups across netball.