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Debbie Christian, Auckland Netball’s Player Liaison, came on board in May 2017 and has worked with players, parents and coaches to support and advocate player well-being, plus guide and connect players who aspire to play at the highest levels with a variety of resources, tools, and connections with wider support and contact personnel.

In her Player Liaison role, NZSS squad members and Representative Under 19, Under 17 and Under 15 players can contact Debbie throughout the season and arrange 1-on-1 catch ups which typically involve week and season plans, discussing training and loading imbalances, managing study and sport commitments, or understanding the various playing and selection opportunities on offer. Alternatively players can exchange text/phone conversations with Debbie asking for tips and advice. Debbie has hosted coach discussions and facilitated connecting coaches where players are involved in multiple teams, worked with parent groups and been involved in wider player development programmes on offer at Auckland Netball.

Player Welfare is a top priority for Auckland Netball with the key focus on caring for our emerging players.

Players have loved having someone to help balancing their playing and training schedule to maximise performance and minimise injury risk, are more reassured that it’s not just them facing challenges, and more confident making decisions when they have all the key information, and relish simply having a chat about navigating their busy lives as student-athletes.

Debbie is part of the Netball New Zealand Emerging Talent Working group 2018/2019, has frequent meetings and conversations with the New Zealand Players Association, PLUS is a former Silver Fern with a career background in teaching and counselling.

Looking ahead to 2019, Auckland Netball is excited to have Debbie continuing her great work in our Player Liason role, and expanding our services to the wider secondary school community with more access for sharing resources, answering individual questions and supporting more players.

Debbie Christian

Debbie Christian

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There are some significant and exciting changes happening to the Northern Comets and Northern Marvels Beko Netball League teams and performance structure. Please see the information below for details in full, and if you have any questions at all about the changes or how to get involved please feel free to email or call our Player Liaison, Debbie Christian.

Auckland Netball will be working closely with both Netball Northern Zone and the Northern Stars to coordinate a centre-based programme supporting players who seek selection into these teams.

Key points regarding changes for 2020:

  1. The Northern Stars will govern and operate the Northern Comets. 
  2. The Northern Zone will govern and operate the Northern Marvels.
  3. A geographical catchment area is still in place for each of the teams, however 20% of both Marvels and Comets can be made up of players from outside of the catchment area pending a release from the area they reside in. This can occur before trials for logistical and location bound purposes (e.g. based on where you work or study) or after the final squads are selected (e.g. an athlete has trialed in their area and not been selected)
  4. Trials: Northern Comets will select a group of core players and these players will begin training in November 2019. A trial will be held late January 2020.
  5. Trials: Northern Marvels will hold trials in early November 2019.
  6.  Final squad sizes are yet to be confirmed by the Netball New Zealand competition rules for 2020.
  7. School aged players will be considered but will need to obtain a special release from Netball New Zealand.

For full details regarding the change read this (link to attached PDF)

For more details about the different team programmes:
Northern Marvels
Northern Comets



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