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  • St Johns Year 7 & 8

    St Johns Year 7 & 8 futureFERNS

    At year 7&8 players have developed a considerable understanding of the game. The focus is now on skill improvement as well as participation and fun as players move to a 7v7 game on a full-size court.

    Performance, challenge, and playing are keys for this age group. Players should rotate around positions and play at least half a game which will give them the opportunity to participate and develop.


    Key Information

    Competition Format

    This competition follows the rules of the game and players start to specialise in a certain area of the court eg. shooting, defence or mid-court.

    • Game times: Tuesday 4.00pm | 5.00pm | 6.00pm|  7.00pm
    • 15 minute time on court for warm up followed by a game
    • 7 v 7 (recommend 10 players per team). GK, GD, WD, C, WA, GA, GS
    • Substitutions during an interval or when play has stopped for injury/illness
    • Minimum of half a game per game
    • Provide opportunities for players to play a variety of positions
    • Played on a full size netball court. Goalposts at 3.05m
    • Play with a Size 5 ball
    • Games will be 40 minute duration – 4 x 10 minute quarters
    • Scores taken for competition points table
    • Year 7&8 Coach Workshops – Full training is provided for coaches – please see Coach Development page for upcoming dates.

    Boys in futureFERNS Netball

    Netball New Zealand Junior Policy 2017

    • All boys may play netball alongside girls up to the age of 12 (Year 8) without restriction.
    • Boys on court at any one time should not be more than half the team.
    • Note: Year 7 & 8 boys, a maximum of 3 boys are allowed on the court at any time, with only one in each area of play i.e. GS or GA | WA, C, or WD | GD or GK.
    • We would like to introduce a Boys Only Grade if numbers permit.


    Usefuls forms for the Year 7 & 8 St Johns Competition


    Registration will open early 2021